Named Best in :

“High Heat is designed specifically for amateur golfers because they have different swing speeds and performance needs than golf pros. It outperforms the major brands in every way and based on our own testing delivers as advertised. "Named High Heat driver “the No. 1 Best Golf Product” of the year; Named High Heat #3 Hybrid “the Best hybrid of the year.”

— Jon Rizzi, Editor Colorado Avid Golfer
“Named High Heat Driver, 3 wood, #3 hybrid, and its new CG technology the “Best” at the PGA Show. Named High Heat 3 Wood "the Greatest 3 Wood Ever Made: Easy to Launch and Longer, Straighter and More Forgiving Than All Major Brands. It is as easy to hit high as a 5 wood but it has the power and length as long as a 2 wood.”

— Gary Van Sickle, Sports Illustrated, Golfing Magazine, President, Golf Writers Association of America
High Heat driver named “Best Golf Product” in 2016.

High Heat 3 wood received “Best Product Ingenuity” award in 2017.

— International Network of Golf, a 450 member media based non-profit organization
Named High Heat driver the “Best Driver” at the 2016 PGA Show. "Based on months of research we selected High Heat as the most significant new fairway woods and hybrids in 2017. They use the CG and Face technology in its award winning High Heat driver and provide more distance and forgiveness with their titanium faces."

— Editors, Links Magazine
“The wow comes from the distance and ball flight. The ball came off the face like a bullet. I hit several drives in the 265 range and was able to outdrive my buddy who loves to put it past me. What an amazing club."

— Ed Brzezowsk, PA
“I’ve always had a mental block about hitting a 3 wood on the fairway, born from years of frustration. I finally hit your 3 wood. Wow! It’s a rocket ship! This baby goes right where you aim it, and gets there in lightning speed."

— Doug Jacobson, WI
“I have dubbed my High Heat Hybrid “the magic club!” Hit it from 170 to 185 yards (and can hit it left, straight or right) Gotta tell you, the High Heat Hybrid has been my best golf equipment purchase in some years!"

— Ted Raymond, AZ
“I just love all of your High Heat clubs. They are so easy to hit and the ball goes where I want with added distance. My handicap has steadily dropped since putting High Heat in my bag. Thank you for saving my game!”

— Judy Hensley, FL