Hit it farther & straighter with the hottest woods in golf. Guaranteed.

Driver named "Best Golf Product " by the International Network of Golf (an association of 600 golf journalists and industry members).

Named "Best" Driver, Fairway Woods and Hybrids by numerous media journalists and publications.

Amateur golfers rave about adding back lost distance, more fairways and greens in regulation;
lower scores and increased enjoyment.

Thousands of golfers have loved to test drive our High Heat clubs with our 30 day guarantee and over 98% are glad they did.


"Dean Knuth, nicknamed the Pope of Slope for inventing the United States Golf Association's Course Rating and Slope Systems. . . designed High Heat specifically for amateur golfers because they have different swing speeds and performance needs than golf pros and High Heat out performs the major brands in every way except for marketing. . . . High Heat delivers as advertised." - Jon Rizzi, Editor Colorado Avid Golfer


A 25% deeper and 18% lower Center of Gravity than major brands

"High Heat is the most significant technological innovation from this year's PGA Merchandise Show and arguably the most exciting new club in a year...

You don't need a physics degree to see how big Knuth's relocated CG is. By lowering the center of gravity, a flock of previously mis-hit shots turn into sweet-spot drives. It's a potential game changer for amateurs…

Its deeper CG provides a higher MOI compared to major brands. Advantage High Heat."

- Gary Van Sickle, Golf.com

Plus Multiple Zones Of Variable Thickness That Create A Larger Sweet Spot For Added Distance and Enhanced Accuracy No Matter Where Amateur Golfer Hit It On The Face

"The ball jumps off the face unlike any club I have ever hit, and it is the longest club I have ever hit. The sweet spot is much larger than most clubs and miss-hits are still fairly straight, long and in play."

-Tim Branco, Publisher Golf Gear Weekly

"High Heat is the straightest golf driver I have ever hit. It is longer too."
- Ed Travis (who tests golf clubs for 10 rounds before publishing reviews), "10 Rounds with Heat" The A Position.com

Proven to be more forgiving on mis-hits

Hight Heat was proven to be longer, straighter, and more forgiving on off-center hits than major brands.

-Golf Laboratories, world's leading independent testing facility

"High Heat's 25% deeper CG provides 25% higher Moment of Inertia (MOI), which reduces dispersion on off-center hits... a scientific breakthrough that provides amateur golfers significant performance benefits that no other driver has ever achieved."

-Jeff Sheets, author of 21 golf patents for major OEMS & clubmaker to 24 Hall of Fame golfers


Unlike major brands, our metal woods have Titanium faces

Virtually all fairway woods and hybrids from major brands have steel faces. Steel faces have low CT ("spring-like effect") across the face. That makes no difference for Tour players with their swing speeds and ability to hit on the center of the face.

Amateurs need high CT across the face for better distance on off-center hits that only titanium can provide. That's why High Heat fairway woods and hybrids feature a Beta Titanium 15-3-3-3 Cup Face that delivers much higher CT across the face for more distance and more greens in regulation guaranteed.


"Bringing The Heat. …The Show's sexiest club was the Knuth Golf High Heat 3-wood, which combined a low profile with the sleek curves of a '58 Corvette and, oh yeah, balls shot like out of a cannon. New 3 Hybrid High Heat was also best in breed, easy to hit, and beautifully blue."

- Gary Van Sickle, Sports Illustrated Golf.com

"Knuth Golf High Heat's deeper and lower CG driver immediately could add yards to an amateur's game… more forgiving on mis-hits, and increased driving accuracy. High Heat's fairway woods and hybrids follow same principles, and feature titanium faces."

- Kevin Casey, Golfweek.com, Twitter - "I hit the High Heat driver over 400 yards."

"If you are going to do one thing with your golf game, the best thing you can do is get yourself some High Heat. Get the driver, get the fairway woods and get the hybrids. It's a win, win, win."

- Garbedian On Golf - ESPN Radio

Golfers like you confirm High Heat delivers as advertised

"Wow, the ball jumps off the face. Wow. Extra yards all day long."

- Tony Monagas, Washington

"I absolutely love it. The sweet spot is massive. It's almost impossible to miss hit. Just amazing."

- Jeremy Ross, Virginia

"The wow comes from the distance and ball flight. The ball came off the face like a bullet. I hit several drives in the 265 range and was able to outdrive my buddy who loves to put it past me. What an amazing club."

-Ed Brzezowsk, Pennsylvania

"High Heat is the best driver I have ever hit. The ball goes straighter and longer and increased my enjoyment of the game."

-Admiral Bud Edney (Former Supreme Allied Commander of NATO), California

"As a 60-year-old physician, I found I was losing distance off the tee despite trying all major brands and shafts. High Heat has added yards and has also increased my accuracy. This driver is phenomenal."

-Dr. Chris Williams, New York

"I am 72 years old. High Heat is spectacular: longer and always straight where I aimed it! Handicap index dropped from 15.0 to 11.8. Then I shot 74, my lowest score in many years."

-Tom Starr, North Carolina

"There is no doubt High Heat clearly hits longer and CONSISTENTLY straighter. The ball jumps off the face!"

-Tami Timperio, North Carolina

"I'm hitting High Heat farther. But even better is that I can almost guarantee that I'm going to be in the fairway. This game is so much more fun when I can do that."

-Justino Dizon, California

"You are going to have to wrestle it from my hands. High Heat made me feel like a pro… Every ball, nice and high, nice and long and straight as an arrow."

-Mike Stinton, Golf Channel and Golfing Magazine

"I love my new High Heat. This is the first club that actually does as promised. My misses have been low on the face and high on the toe and both are fine now. It also improves your confidence to go after a fuller swing."

-Jeff Glos, Ohio

Each Driver is equipped with a premium shaft from Aldila or Fujikura.
Conforms to USGA and R&A Rules

Longer, straighter, and more forgiving.

We believe in our clubs so much, we offer a no questions asked, 30-day money back guarantee.