“I am 67 years old and I am currently a 16.5 index. I think the driver is absolutely terrific. I have added yards and my drives are straighter. For me, the driver is a real confidence booster. I think the driver is fantastic.”
— David Jatlow, FL
“I am 72 years old. High Heat is spectacular: longer and always straight where I aimed it!! Handicap index dropped from 15.0 to 13.2 on 6/15, and from 13.2 to 11.8 on 7/1. Then I shot 74, my lowest in score in many years. I fully expect my index to drop another 1.5 strokes.”
— Tom Starr, NC
“Can’t tell you how happy I am with my new high heat driver. I've never been a long hitter but what a nice change being able to go for the green in 2 on occasion. Best driver I've ever hit!"
— Ron Dann, Ontario Canada.
“WOW! Last year I purchased the High Heat Driver and 3 wood. I play at an Arthur Hills designed course, there is a par 4 with a 200 yard carry over a marsh that too often I was in even if I hit it well. With the High Heat driver, I don't even think about it because I will carry the Marsh by 30 – 40 yards. And the 3 wood just goes, it is straight and long. It is WOW”
— Ron Lock, WI
“The High Heat driver has turned my game around. I'm 71 years old and striking the ball better than I ever have in the past 45 years”
— Mike Southerland, MT
“Your driver is fantastic! It's so easy to hit and the increase in distance was an easy 20 yards for me. The only time I miss hit it was when I started to get cocky & tried to hit it hard; no need with this driver. I shot –2 for the nine holes, first time under par in my life. It's a different world when your second shot is an 8 or 9 iron instead of a 5 or 6! The guys asked if I used to play on the tour! I told them it was the driver”
— Scott Conover, FL
“High Heat is the first driver I've ever bought where I could see an immediate and significant improvement in distance, accuracy and roll. I like it so much that I ordered two more, one for my "travel bag" and another for my second home.”
— Mitchell Kertzman, Montana
“Proof of High Heat's performance is my Index has dropped from 10.3 to 7.6 in two months.”
— Mike Daugherty, Virginia