“My index has dropped two points since my High Heat 3 wood joined my High Heat driver. Best combo since bacon and eggs.”
— Roy Dohner, CA
“Without a doubt your 3 wood is by far the best 3 wood I've ever hit! Off the tee it is long, and the high penetrating ball flight is amazing. The real advantage though is hitting it off the fairway. I've never hit a 3 wood that got up into the air like your club and the distance is for me amazing. Without a doubt, it is the perfect club.”
— Cliff Hamilton, AZ
“I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my new 3 wood!!   Wow, what a difference it made.  I have gained 15 to 20 more yards for me.   I could even hit it from small rough areas.  That is really a plus.”
— Gretchen Olberding, NE
“I played first round of Georgia Senior tournament today. Hit the 3 wood twice on par 5 holes. Hit the green and held both shots from approximately 210 which is virtually impossible to do. . . My partner and I shot 17 under par by a record 9 strokes at the Super Senior division of the Society of Seniors annual national four ball championship. I had such great success because of my High Heat 3 wood that allowed me to hit the ball very high and long and hold the elevated bunkered and firm greens at least 15 times in three days.  After two years I have yet to find its equal.”
— Ronnie Tumlin, FL (winner of over 150 amateur tournaments)
“The three fairway is outstanding. Everything you said and way more. The ball just explodes off the club. Ball flight is high and long, leaves me smiling after each hit.”
— Edwin Stewart, WA
“The 3–wood is better than advertised! It is as easy to hit from a turf tight lie as my 5 wood is, but with plenty of elevation and more distance. What an amazing club! With my High Heat 3 wood and Driver, my handicap has dropped from an 18 down to a 11! The game is so much more fun.”
— Paul Radochia ME
“My " Big Brand Orientated " friends are astounded when I smash your 3 wood miles past theirs!! I am blown away by the amazing quality of your product and service!!”
— Stan Green, Australia
“I've played 9 rounds with your 3 wood, and over that time I've hit the highest and straightest off–the–deck 3 woods I've ever hit.”
— Kent Osborne, FL