“Love the #3 Hybrid.  Easier to hit and ball contact feels great. I am getting about 10 to 15 yards more distance.”
— Adrian Douglas, CA
“I own the driver, 3 and 5 fairway metals coupled with the 3H, 4H and 5H hybrids. I am completely blown away as to how easy these are to hit. I can't say enough about the Driver, 3 wood combo...longer straighter and higher than any of the other 5 sets of woods I own (many are brand names). BTW, loving the 3H; I'm hitting the green in two with my driver and 3H for par on our #10 par 4 hole, it’s the #1 handicap hole.  This hole drove me nuts for nearly a year and a half but doesn't any more. Love the 4H and 5H too.”
— Nick Burke, VA
“Wow! The 3 hybrid goes as long as my 5–wood. Really like the feel. It is great.”
— Jerry Roberts, NV
“The 3 hybrid has a hot face and is excellent out of the rough. I have hit some of my best shots of the year with it with improved distance.  Thankfully the 'hitting it correctly' seems to be easier than with other clubs.”
— Gregori Pasqua, NY
“I just wanted to let you know that my husband and our best golfing friends all LOVE your clubs. Yesterday I won low net in a tournament and owe it all to my High Heat 3 wood and 3 hybrid.  My 3 hybrid, which is my favorite club, made it so easy to get it out of the rough and hit it far.  I am consistently hitting the 3 hybrid 150 to 155 yards STRAIGHT which has been helping me to get on the green in regulation, and my handicap has already dropped and is dropping more. I also just got your 4 and 5 hybrid and love them too.”
— Ellen McCann, NJ
“I have hit my new 5 Hybrid for the past few days. Suffice to say that I love it, love it, love it. Can't believe how well I am hitting it right out of the box!”
— John Harris, FL
“Received my hybrids, and have found them to be terrific.  Unlike many products, High Heat delivers and exceeds the promises made.”
— Jerry Witek, Il
“I have now used my High Heat driver, 3 wood and the hybrid 3 for about 110 nine hole rounds.    I had to get used to the ball going where I aimed it and I can't believe the extra distances I been able to achieve.  Just absolutely awesome.   With your clubs I am now often reaching greens in regulation and have definitely increased my enjoyment of the game.”
— Donald Sturm WI