Dean Knuth

“I have always had a love affair in my adult life with amateur golf. That is why when in the Navy’s experimental invention program, I invented the golf course rating and slope system that became the USGA Course Rating and Slope System when the USGA hired me as its first  Director of Handicapping. That is also why with my friend and co-founder Steve Trattner who was the USGA’s intellectual property attorney during my 17 years at the USGA shared my passion we formed our company to design golf clubs to optimize amateur golfers’ performance and not Tour pros which we did with our original High Heat clubs named “best” for amateur golfers by major media. When we read the USGA’s new Rule that permitted  trampoline values outside the center the center of the face to be higher than the center of the face  we did not stop until we invented our novel 3-Trampoline Technology because it was the greatest opportunity imaginable to help amateurs reduce their handicaps in half without any change to their swing and increase their enjoyment of  the game they love so much. I guarantee you will love our new 257+ clubs which will provide you with the added distance you are seeking to reduce your scores, and increase your love of the game too.”

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