What is the best driver?

Answer: Heat is the best driver for you because it is designed solely to meet the performance needs and swing speeds of amateurs, not the requirements of PGA Tour pros whose much higher swing speeds average 113 mph, and who hit on or very near the center of the face with great frequency. Specifically, on average amateur golfers hit their driver in the large toe or heel areas approximately 50% of the time which causes them to lose 20-30+ yards and end in the rough more often or even when they hit in the middle of the face they hit below the center of the face. For this reason, High Heat offers its 3-Trampoline technology that provides the same distance in the toe and heel areas as the center of the face so that amateur golfers do not consistently lose 20-30 or more yards about 50% of the time. High Heat offers it Optimal Center of Gravity (CG) Technology which has a 25% deeper (further back from the face) and 18% lower CG location which is below the middle of the face. As a result, tees shots hit at or below the middle of the face which lose distance with major brands because it below their CG will not lose that distance with High Heat’s lower CG. In addition, High Heat’s much higher MOI than major brands which is why it was called the “straightest” driver ever. Golfers who own High Heat rave about its superior performance including the added distance and playing in more fairways for lower scores.

What is the longest driver?

Answer: High Heat is the longest driver because instead of losing 20-30 or more yards on approximately 50% of their tee shots which are on the toe and heel, amateur golfers will obtain the same distance as they hit on the center of the face. In addition, they will obtain more distance when they hit at or below the center of the face because they lose more distance with major brands that have their CG high above the middle of the face which is where the Tour pros like it.

Which driver has the hottest face?

Answer: High Heat has the “hottest face” of any driver. Even before its “amazing” 3-Trampoline technology one of the most consistent comments received from media and owners of High Heat is how fast the golf ball jumps or explodes off the face. With High Heat’s 3-Trampoline High Heat is the only brand that offers a trampoline effect higher than 257 CT in the large toe and heel areas for the “hottest face” in golf.

Which driver has the most forgiveness

Answer: High Heat is more forgiving than the major brands for two reasons. Its deeper CG is why its Moment of Inertia “MOI”) is 5,389 which results in less twisting and less loss of ball speed for more distance on off-center hits. Then its 3-Trampoline technology adds more ball speed for more distance with its much hotter trampoline effect for more distance that will be the same as tee shots in the center of the face.

Why is High Heats Fairway Woods and Hybrids' faces so much "hotter" for more distance than major brands' metal woods?

Answer: High Heat’s metal wood faces have titanium faces and the 3-Trampoline Technology. Major brands do not offer any technology that provides for a CT higher than 257 and they offer only steel faces which has far less trampoline effect compared to titanium, which is why High Heat fairway woods and hybrids have much hotter faces.

How do High Heat's Hybrids and Fairway Woods compare to other brands?

Answer: High Heat’s metal woods have a deep CG, so they are easy to get up high in the air. Also, they are designed to land softly on greens, so they do not roll off the greens like other clubs. Also, with titanium faces amateur golfers get much more consistent distance and land on more greens instead of falling short of the green on an average 50% or more of the time with their major brand steel face. With High Heat’s new 257+ 3 -Trampoline Technology amateur golfers will land on even more greens instead of falling short often because they are playing with steel faces.

Will High Heat still improve driving performance if I have over 100 mph swing speed?

Answer:Absolutely, because amateurs with higher swing speed often hit on the toe or heel and they lose in more distance because of the major brands lack of having a CT higher than 257 in the toe and heel areas. In addition, with High Heat’s high MOI they often will increase the number of fairways.

Does High heat conform to the USGA Rules of golf?

Answer: Yes.

If I have additional questions about High Heat, how do I get answers?

Answer: Please go to Contact Us. Send us your question by e-mail. We will attempt to provide you with an answer within 2 business days.

How does Knuth Golf's money back guarantee work?

Answer: Knuth Golf requires that you send us an e-mail requesting a refund within 30 days of the receipt of the driver, and simply state the reason for the request. We will send you instructions on how to return the driver and will issue you a full refund for your purchase price provided your driver has not been damaged or altered beyond minor wear and tear.

Why do they call Dean "Pope of Slope"?

Answer: Prior to joining the USGA as the Director of Handicap, Dean conceived of the idea of rating golf courses based on 14 obstacle and distance factors rather than using only distance, the basis of the USGA’s handicap system at the time. Later, he revised his idea which resulted in the USGA’s current Course Rating System. Then Dean conceived and developed his idea of assigning different handicaps to golfers at each course depending on its comparable level of difficulty for their home course which was used to determine their handicap. Thus was born the USGA’s Slope Rating System, which makes far more equitable course handicaps when golfers play at different places. It solved the “my handicap won’t travel” problem. When Dean introduced the Slope System in Argentina he was introduced as “Popa Du Slopa (Father of Slope).” Then Jay Mottola, Executive Director of the Metropolitan (NY) Golf Association introduced Dean as the “Pope of Slope” when he came to New York to explain the Slope System, which is how he’s been known ever since and why he named his handicap-information website, www.popeofslope.com.