For over 40 years, Dean Knuth has been a successful and accomplished inventor and innovator. His records of accomplishments have not only earned him accolades in the worldwide golf community for the improvement of the game of golf for the amateur golfer, but for our country as well.


Dean Knuth is a 1970 graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy and a 1978 graduate of the Naval Postgraduate School, earning a Master of Science degree in Systems Technology. As a Naval officer, Dean invented a classified tactic for locating Soviet nuclear submarines that was employed by the U. S. Navy successfully for several years during the Cold War.

Invented a classified tactic for locating Soviet nuclear submarines.

Dean developed a tactic to prevent accidental attacks on our naval forces operating over the horizon, which is still currently being used by the U. S. Navy. He led the development of real time position locating and reporting while managing the Inter-National Research Institute. This command and control software is in use throughout U.S. and NATO forces today. Dean served11 years of active duty in the Navy and 17 years in the Naval Reserves. He retired as a Captain in the Naval Reserves and was awarded the Legion of Merit award for service to his country as Commodore of Naval Coastal Warfare, Atlantic.

Developed tactic to prevent accidental attacks on U.S. naval forces.

Awarded Navy’s Legion of Merit.

Following his 16 year career at the USGA beginning in 1981, Dean was hired by Northrop Grumman Corporation to create a classified system utilizing technology which could not be detected by any other country. He did and it is still a classified system used by our country. Afterwards as a Director of a Technology Sector, Dean provided further classified technology solutions that are in use today in our Country’s most important strategic locations.

Invented a classified defense system used throughout the world.


Dean has worked in the golf business since 1978 and for over 16 years he was a Senior Director at the United States Golf Association. Prior to joining the USGA full time in 1981, Dean observed that the existing USGA Handicap System was deficient in that it did not accurately measure the golfers’ ability because it was based in large part on merely the length of the golf course. Thus, he invented the concept and procedures of the USGA Course Rating System and Slope Rating System based on multiple factors and with further development this is the system we use today. As a result, golfers found their USGA Handicap Indexes were far more equitable and significantly increased their enjoyment of the game when they played golfers who had a USGA Handicap Indexes earned at another golf course. He is known worldwide as “the Pope of Slope” and has a worldwide following on his website www.popeofslope.com Additionally, he invented Junior Par for young golfers, the USGA Pace Rating System, and other creative improvements in the services provided by state and regional golf associations, turf grass and environmental research; and the increased involvement of women in golf. As David Fay, the then USGA’s Executive Director stated after announcing with “deep regret” Dean’s departure and listing these and his other accomplishments, “His ideas have touched just about every activity at the USGA.”

USGA Senior Director for 16 years.

Known worldwide for inventing the USGA’s Course Rating and Slope Rating Systems.

“His ideas have touched just about every activity at the USGA.”

After Dean left the USGA, he did not leave the world of golf nor stop his dedication to increasing amateur golfers’ enjoyment of the game. He became and is still a Contributing Editor for Golf Digest magazine and has written numerous articles about golf for the amateur golfer. Then Golf Digest, which has referred to Dean as “the worldwide authority on handicapping,” retained him to create Golf Digest’s handicap system so that amateur golfers without a USGA Handicap Index could have a meaningful handicap that would allow them to enjoy the game better with other golfers. This handicap system will be available in the future on Golf Digest’s website.

Contributing Editor for Golf Digest.

Created Golf Digest’s handicap system for golfers without handicaps.


Dean has been studying driver technology for 13 years, and has been issued five U.S. Patents for driver inventions. Dean concluded that the major brands design their drivers for Tour players who have different swing speeds and needs compared to amateur golfers. So he designed a driver from the ground up for amateur golfers in order for them to achieve their ultimate performance. This commitment led to his inventing his Optimal CG Game Changer Technology for Knuth Golf’s 2015 High Heat driver that was named the “best” driver by several major media and the “best” golf club in the industry, and earned his award of being named the “Top Innovator of Golf Clubs” in the industry by Golf, Inc. Magazine.

As great an achievement as the USGA Course Rating and Slope Rating Systems have been to golfers worldwide, Dean believes the 2018 High Heat 257+ driver and metal woods with the 3-Trampoline Technology will be the next great benefit to the entire community of amateur golfers by allowing them to enjoy the game much more through substantially improved improved distance and accuracy for lower scores. Knuth Golf, Inc. is dedicated to that mission.

Dedicated to increase amateur golfers’ opportunity to achieve their ultimate performance led to High Heat named “Best” golf clubs by major media and his award as the “Top Innovator of Golf Clubs” in the industry.

High Heat 257+ with its “amazing” 3 Trampoline Technology will allow all amateur golfers to enjoy the game more through improved play.