Knuth’s 257+

We formed our company eight years ago to design drivers and metalwoods that optimize the performance of amateur golfers and not the Tour pros.

Since then, we have developed three novel technologies that provide amateur golfers significantly more distance and increased accuracy for more fairways and greens and lower scores. They are unlike any technology offered by the major brands and media and teaching pros have named our driver and metalwoods the “best” clubs amateurs can buy because they perform as advertised.

Most importantly, our customers love our clubs and we are so sure you will too that we provide a 30-day full price guarantee.

Dean Knuth and Steve Trattner


The USGA has limited how hot a driver or metalwood face can be for over 30 years. But a few years ago, the USGA allowed all faces to be even hotter outside the center of the face. This change offered no benefit to Tour pros because they consistently hit in the center of the face. However, this change provided all brands with a great opportunity to help amateurs to get significantly more distance.

Why? Because “when amateurs miss their driver’s sweet spot and have to lay-up or fall short of the green on their approach shots they end up with a bogey or worse approximately 80-90% of the time.” Kay McMahon, Hall of Fame PGA and LPGA Teaching Pro and named Top 5 teaching pros by Golf Digest.

That is why when we read this USGA Equipment Rule, we did not stop until we invented our 3-Trampoline Technology that takes advantage of it, because of its enormous potential to lower amateur golfers’ scores.

With our novel 3-Trampoline Technology, 257+ is the only brand taking advantage of a 2016 USGA Equipment Rule permitting trampoline values (which means how hot the face is) in the toe and heel areas to be higher than the 257 limit in the center of face.

Knuth’s 257+

See golfers amazed by getting the same distance across the face with 257+.

Our clubs’ average trampoline values outside the center of our faces are 266 compared to major brands average of 216-242 for their driver and 158-208 for their metalwoods as shown below. As a result, with our 257+ clubs you will substantially increase your distances for lower scores without any change to your swing.

Highheatgolf Knuth’s 257+

This is why Tony Leodora of NBC Sports named “3-Trampoline Technology the most significant new technology in almost 25 years for amateurs to achieve more distance, and why it makes 257+ the best clubs for amateurs.”


We have a novel technology of a centerline contoured bulge near the face that when you hit behind the ball it will slide the club face to the ball from the fairway, rough, or fairway bunker– instead of digging. It means:

  • No more FAT shots; and
  • Significantly more distance hitting from the fairway, rough, or a fairway bunker for better scoring.

See why our Fearless™ metalwoods remove the dread amateurs have with their metalwoods.

Media and teaching pros have called our new 257+ Metalwoods with our 3-Trampoline and Turf Glider Sole Technologies “Magical” and the “Best” for amateurs to reach more greens for lower scores.

“With its amazing 3-Trampoline Technology for higher trampoline values 257+ changes the distance game and its results are exhilarating compared to other clubs with historically much lower trampoline effect outside the center of the face. Now with its new sole technology these clubs are ‘Magical’ and why 257+ metalwoods are the only clubs for the past two years we recommend amateurs buy.”
—Vic Williams, Editor Golf Tips Magazine

“With a higher ball flight, increased accuracy and average trampoline values of 266 amateurs will get more distance than major brands which have low trampoline values near or below 200. Now the 257+ Turf Glider Sole is a key part of the new club’s magic that allows the club to glide along the ground, including the rough, a divot or fairway bunker without adversely affecting distance. I am amazed as I hit it out a divot time after time.”
—Gary Van Sickle, president of Golf Writers Association of America, Sports Illustrated, and Morning Read

257+ metalwoods are the best clubs we have ever tested in 25 years of our show. They have the best technology you can buy for more distance because amateur golfers hit all over the face. Also, when amateurs behind the ball, the Turf Glider Sole goes down and gets the ball by gliding through the turf which allows you to hit a great shot into the green for better scoring.”
—Mike Billingsley Golf Life TV, Fox Sports

“Amateurs on average hit outside the center of the face 50% of the time, which results in a loss of significant distance, fewer greens and higher scores. 257+ metalwoods’ new face technology adds distance where amateurs need it most for more greens which makes them the ‘best’ clubs for amateur golfers for better scoring. Now with its Turf Glider Sole which performs as advertised it makes the best clubs for amateurs even better.”
—Kay McMahon, Hall of Fame Teacher, PGA and LPGA Teaching Pro and Golf Digest’s Top 5 Teachers of the Year

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We are so sure you will add significantly more distance for lower scores with our 257+ driver and metalwoods we provide a 30-Day Full Price Guarantee.

We know that you will lose your fear and love our metalwoods for lower scores, just as much as our customers.

“Your 3 wood with your turf glider sole technology is easier to hit than my former 3 wood from the fairway, the rough and even out of sand bunkers. My shots go farther and much straighter and hitting ‘fat shots’ is nearly impossible. Best of all, my scores have been reduced by 3 to 5 strokes in the past few weeks.”
—Chuck Hain, Ohio

“I have been playing so much better since I switched to your metalwoods with your new 3 trampoline and turf glider sole technologies and they are incredible. I love them so much with very good distance on toe and heel hits. They also work great when hitting in the rough.”
—Duke Knerr, PA

“I love my new Turf Glider 3 wood. I can hit if from anywhere on the course and it is always long and straight. It is just a great club and is now my go to club.”
—Wendy Rowlands, CA

“Your 257+ turf glider sole metalwoods are terrific. They fulfill every claim your advertising states. In addition to more distance for more greens, I no longer have fat shots; they are super on bare lies as well as hitting out of the rough. Anyone who seeks improvement should put these babies in their bag.”
—Andrew Schreer, TX

“Your new hybrids are everything you said. They are amazing as they go through difficult lies including bad lies out of the rough and played one out of a fairway bunker with great success. Really fantastic.”
—William Evans, FL

“Previously I could only hit a 3 wood from the most perfect lie, and even then, I would only have a decent shot about half the time. With my new High Heat 3 wood with the turf glider sole, I can hit it out of light rough and places where the lie is less than perfect, and I’m going 20 more yards than I ever dreamed of going. The new High Heat 257+ 3 wood has been a game changer for me.”
—Carol Fredrick, CA

“I love your new 3 wood as it performs beautifully out of all conditions, including the rough and will fly about 210-220 consistently. Your 3 and 4 hybrids get out of the rough so easily for 180-200 yards. I can also shape my shots rather easily with these clubs. Not bad for a 78-year-old golfer.”
—Dale Sanderson, CO

“I don’t really understand the club’s magic, but I love reaching more greens with your new 3 wood whether I hit it on the sweet spot or not or hitting out of long-ish Bermuda rough that can eat a club up.”
—Joe Eggers, FL

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Major brands design their drivers and metalwoods for Tour pros who optimize their distance with a center of gravity (“CG”) closer to the face and above the midline of the face. Such a design optimizes their swing speeds of 113+ mph and ability to consistently hit in the center of the face.

For scratch to high handicap amateurs, we designed our CG to be much deeper and lower than major brands. See e.g. for a driver comparison.

The significance of our much deeper and lower CG for amateurs’ increased distance and accuracy cannot be overstated.

First, our deeper CG location results in less twisting of the face on off-center hits. As a result, amateurs’ distance and accuracy are increased for more fairways with our driver and more greens with our metalwoods.

Second, our much lower CG results in amateurs hitting above it more often which provides a much higher ball flight for more distance compared to a much lower flight for less distance when hitting below the major brands’ much higher CG location.

Gary Van Sickle of Sports Illustrated, Morning Read and immediate past president of the Golf Writers Association of America wrote that our much deeper and lower CG in our driver and metal woods “provides these advantages for amateur golfers which change major brands’ mishits into sweet spot drives and metalwoods approach shots with higher ball flights, increased accuracy and more distance.”

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