HIGH HEAT 257+ METAL Woods Are Magical. More Greens For Lower Scores.

Named “the Best 2020 Metalwoods for Amateurs because:

  • High Heat 257+ is the only brand with higher trampoline values outside the center of the face permitted by a new USGA Rule for the same distance across the face and more greens See media’s independent launch monitor test results of our metalwoods showing the same distance across the face for more greens; and
  • Compare High Heat 257+’s average trampoline values of 266 outside the center of the face to major brands’ trampoline values 158-208, and then you will understand why often the sole reason why amateurs are short on their metal wood approach shots is the clubs they are using

Media Confirm High Heat 257+ Delivers As Advertised

“My biggest discovery at the PGA Show was High Heat 257+ with its dazzling novel 3 Trampoline Technology that has more ball speed in the toe and heel areas than the sweet spot in the center of the face as permitted by the USGA 2016 Rule. The ball comes off so hot no matter where you hit it on the face.”
—Gary Van Sickle, President of Golf Writers Association of America, Morning Read

“High Heat 257+ is the only brand to take advantage of the New USGA Rule with its novel 3 Trampoline Technology. This technology is the most significant new technology since the introduction of titanium faces almost 25 years ago. This is another reason High Heat continues to be the leading brand for amateur golfers.”
—Tony Leodora, NBC Sports TV, ESPN Radio, Golf Style Magazine

“Based on our review of all new clubs, we recommend the driver and metal woods you should buy is High Heat’s 257+ which is the only brand to take advantage of a USGA Rule for significant distance increase on off-center hits where many of us make contact.”
—James Frank, Editor LINKS Magazine

“High Heat 257+ driver and metal woods are the best clubs we have ever tested in 25 years of our show. They have the best technology you can buy for better scoring, because amateur golfers hit all over the face and it is the only brand that takes advantage of the new USGA Rule which permits a greater trampoline effect for a hotter face beyond the center of the club face for more distance and forgiveness.”
—Mike Billingsley Golf Life TV, Fox Sports

“For the past 3 years, I have always said High Heat’s driver and metal woods designed for amateur golfers have the “hottest face” in golf. With its 3-Trampoline Technology Knuth Golf has blown me away with a clubface even HOTTER so amateurs will get virtually the same distance no matter where the ball strikes the clubface!”
—Tim Branco, Publisher N.E. Golf Magazine and GolfGearWeekly.com

Amateurs Like You Are Getting The Same
Distance Across The Face For Lower Scores.

Fairway Woods

“These clubs are remarkable! I am a 14 handicapper and shot a 73 because of your driver, 3, 5 and 7 woods. I hit the ball accurately and further than ever with 20-30 yards longer with your fairway woods with the same distance across the face. The word that describes your clubs is WOW!!!!!!!!!!”
— Dr. Thomas McDowell, Canada (emphasis original).

“I am 73 years old with a 4 handicap. Your 3 wood is amazing. Hitting any 3 wood off the ground has been a long standing weakness but I am hitting the 3 wood so long and accurate and the 5 wood has been just as remarkable. Those two clubs in my bag were the difference makers in setting our course for our 70 and older golfers. I had my personal best score of 66!!! ”
— David Outwin, MI

“ Love your 5 wood. It performs exactly like you said it would. I am getting the same distance no matter where I hit it on the face for more greens and lower scores.”
— Gene Salay, MN


“My High Heat driver, 3 wood and 3 hybrid are my favorite clubs and the 3 hybrid is my go to club. I get the same distance across the face. I love love love them!! !”
— Barbara Gutstadt, NC

” I love my new #6 hybrid. I am amazed how great it is Never hit a bad shot and the distance is exactly what I want.’”
— Jerry Santens, FL

“Your 3 hybrid is the best club I have ever had in my 50 years of golf.”
— James Gannon, WI




Why? Because

  • You cannot dig these metalwoods even if you try, so no more “FAT” shots;
  • Our metalwoods will easily glide through the rough and fairway bunkers; and
  • Our hybrids will easily glide even through a divot.

“Our Turf Glider Sole has made the fat shot a thing of the past. It is the most significant new sole technology since “Tight Lies” was offered ____ years ago. This is why the best club for amateurs just got better.”
—Tony Leodora, NBC Sports TV, ESPN Radio, Golf Style Magazine

“With its Turf Glider Sole technical “High Heat 257+ hybrids are “Magical.”
—Vic Williams, Editor Golf Tips Magazine.

Amateurs Love Our The Turf Glider Sole Technology Too

“I have been playing so much better since I switched to your clubs. I have now played with your new 257+ hybrids with the new 3 trampoline and turf glider sole technologies and they are incredible. I love them so much with very good distance on toe and heel hits. They work great when hitting in the rough. The ball still gets up in the air quickly and today I reached the green pin high and just missed a birdie.”
—Duke Knerr, PA

“I love my new Turf Glider 3 wood. I can hit if from anywhere on the course and it always long and straight, and even just missed a hole in one on the par 3 sixth hole. It is just a great club and is now my go to club.”
—Wendy Rowlands, CA

“Your 257+ tour glider sole metalwoods are terrific. They fulfill every claim your advertising states. In addition to more distance for more greens, I no longer have fat shots; they are super on bare lies as well as hitting out of the rough. Anyone who seeks improvement should put these babies in their bag.”
—Andrew Schreer, TX

“Your New High Heat 257+ Turf Glider Sole 3 wood added 15 yards and consistency. I love it.”
—Tim LaFleur Vice Admiral, USN Retired CA

“Having recently purchased the new High Heat 3 metalwood with the new Turf Gilder sole l have improved my distance (approximately 10%). I also use it more even in the rough and find that I am hitting greens more consistently. Love the club.”
—Richard Lemmey, Australia

“From the first hit it felt very smooth and easy to hit. It and much more forgiving and better results from off-center hits and difficult lies in our uneven rough – like when my ball was sitting on hard ground between two gnarly lumps of grass.”
—Richard R. Sooy, CA

“Your new hybrids are everything you said, and I expected. They are truly amazing as they go through difficult lies including bad lies out of the rough and played one out of a fairway bunker with great success. Really fantastic.”
—William Evans, FL

I have always improved my game with every “High Heat” golf club so I purchased the new High Heat 257+ 3 wood with its turf glider sole technology. Previously I could only hit a 3 wood from the most perfect lie, and even then, I would only have a decent shot about half the time.

With my new High Heat 3 wood, I can hit it out of light rough and places where the lie is less than perfect. Who knew this was possible? My trajectory is higher, and the shots are beautiful. And I’m going 20 more yards than I ever dreamed of going. The new High Heat 257+ wood has been a game changer for me.
—Carol Fredrick, CA

HIGH HEAT 257+ Drivers Have Same 3-Trampoline Technology And An Award -Winning Center Of Gravity Technology.

Before we launched our first metalwoods, we launched our High Heat driver to rave reviews, because they optimized amateurs’ performance instead of Tour pros.

Our center of gravity (“CG”) was 25% deeper and 18% lower than the major brands’ CGs because that is where is it needed to optimize much lower amateurs’ swing speed and hitting outside the center of face.

As Gary Van Sickle of Sports Illustrated wrote, this novel CG location was the “best technology of any clubs of the year, because it changed major brands’ mishits into sweet spot drives.”

Our original High Heat driver was named the “Best” by numerous media and teaching pros every year 2015-2018. In addition, our co-founder Dean Knuth was named to the prestigious list on “Industry Top Innovators of Golf Clubs” by Golf, Inc. Magazine because of this novel CG technology.

Then with the addition of our 3-Trampoline Technology our High Heat 257+ driver, has been named “Best” because of our deeper and lower CG and no other brand offers technology that takes advantage of the USGA’s Rule for more significantly more distance on off-center hits.

Customers Like You Are Obtaining The Same Driving Distance Across The Face For Lower Scores.

“With your new driver, I have had best rounds of golf in years! My drives are consistently straight, and l have gained 10-20 yards on most drives, and am not losing distance on off center shots. Paired with your 3 wood I shot a round today 11 strokes better than my average from the past 4 rounds! ”
— Ronald Smith, IL

“Your High Heat driver performs as advertised. I not only increased my distance on center hits and off center hits, but my off center hits go as far as my center hits. In a word, this driver is amazing.”
— Ken Engel, MI

“I love your new driver and three wood because I’m 72,had a handicap index of 6.1 when for the first time shot under my age (69). I have added 20 yards to my average driving distance for more greens and 3 birdies and your 3 wood is the first one I could get up so high on a consistent basis for more distance and more greens in regulation that led to 2 more birdies.”
— Paul Bliss, FL



Inventor of USGA Course Rating and Slope Rating Systems.

Named “Industry’s Top Inventor of Golf Golfs”
by Golf, Inc. Magazine

“I have loved helping amateur golfers my entire adult life, which is why I invented the USGA Course Rating and Slope Systems.

That is why our company has always designed our clubs to optimize amateur golfers’ performance needs for more distance, forgiveness and increased accuracy for greens. Amateurs needs’ are much different than Tour pros which is why our drivers have a 25% deeper and 18% lower center of gravity than major brands.

That is also why after we read the new USGA’s Rule that permitted higher trampoline values outside the center of the face, we did not stop until we invented our novel 3-Trampoline Face Technology that creates trampoline values outside the center of the face that are higher than the center of the face because we knew that it was the greatest opportunity to help amateurs add the distance they need for more greens and lower scores.

Then our customers asked if we could design clubs that prevent “fat” shots and provide more distance when hitting from the rough. So we now offer our novel Turf Glider Sole that is the best sole technology for more greens.

I guarantee you will add the additional distance you are seeking, with increased accuracy for more greens and lower scores, and more fun too.”

Dean L. Knuth