Media And Teaching Pro Reviews

“Golf Tips editors have loved High Heat’s technology for years. Throughout 2019, their metal woods continued to be “best” for amateur golfers based on our testing which showed they are easy to launch high and are the only clubs that take advantage of a new USGA Rule permitting a hotter face than all of other clubs and their results are exhilarating. Now Knuth Golf made the High Heat even better with its new Turf Glider Sole technology that compensates for amateurs’ swings so no more digging, they will glide through the rough will little to no loss of distance and you can even hit them out a divot or fairway for much more distance. They are magical.”
—Vic Williams, Editor Golf Tips

“I recently tested the new High Heat 257+ metalwoods on fairways, in the rough, in tight lies and divots. I was impressed with how well the advanced turf glider sole works. It goes down and gets the ball, even if you hit a little bit behind the ball, it glides through and allows you to hit a great shot into the green. If you want to score better, hitting more greens on longer shots is a key part of your game you have to improve. I carry the 257+ clubs in my bag, because they work for me and I am confident they will perform for all amateurs who want to score lower.”
—Mike Billingsley, Host of Golf Life TV, Fox Sports

“ I tried the 2020 High Heat metal woods with its 3 Trampoline and new Turf Slider Sole Technologies at this year’s PGA demo day. Last year, I wrote its 3-Trampoline Technology was the “best new technology for adding distance for amateur golfers since the introduction of titanium faces nearly 25 years and made the “best” metal woods for amateurs even better. This year, I tried but could not hit a Fat shot and made a Fat shot a thing of the past. This Turf Slider Sole technology has made the “Best” metalwoods for amateurs even better.”
—Tony Leodora, The Traveling Golfer NBC Sports, TV and ESPN radio

“I saw golfers at the PGA Demo day hit the High Heat 3 wood and 3 rescue clubs with its Turf Glider Sole technology which is one the latest and best technologies that really works. You cannot hit fat shots. So, if you have trouble hitting off the turf they will dig down into the ground and put you on the green or near the green every time which is why High Heat was one of the hottest new products at the PGA show.”
—Jim Kelly, Jim Kelly’s 19th Hole

“I attended the PGA demo day and visited Knuth Golf which has offered better technology for amateurs. Two years ago, it offered its 3 Trampoline Technology that was a game changer for amateur golfers as it provided more distance on toe and heel hits. This year it offered a Turf Glider Sole that is constructed so that it glides across the turf instead of digging into it behind the ball. This helps eliminate those distance-robbing “fat” shots endemic to higher handicappers.”
—Gary D’Amato, WisconsinGolf.com

“High Heat’s new 2020 metalwoods with its Turf Glider Sole technology are the best clubs for amateur golfers and performs as advertised. I tried them at the PGA demo day, but could not dig it, and it is much easier to hit out of rough than any of other metalwoods including those with a rail system. This technology is amazing and will definitely help amateurs reduce their scores.”
—Kay McMahan, Hall of Fame PGA and LPGA Teaching Pro, Teacher of the Year and named by Golf Digest as one of nation’s Top 5 teaching pros, and founder of eduKaytion Golf.

“I hit the 2020 High Heat metalwoods at the PGA Demo day, and I was impressed. These clubs give you the same distance if you hit them on the heel, toe or the sweet spot and they were the straightest metalwoods I had ever hit even when I hit them on the toe or heel. These also added a new Turf Glider Sole technology with a contoured sole so if you hit the new fairway woods or hybrids a little behind the ball it slides right through the fairway grass, the rough, hardpan, and even a fairway bunker so you end up on or near the green for lower scores.
I have now replaced my 3 wood and #4 hybrid with these metalwoods and if you do the same, you will have the confidence you can hit them anywhere on the clubface from anywhere on the course and reach the green or close to it and see lower scores.”

—Jay Golden, PGA teaching pro Florida.